Monitor usage of specific user

Is there a way to see what pages are viewed by a specific user, knowing his originating domain? I didn’t see anything in the Panel.

It depends exactly what your asking. If you want to know who’s viewing your webpage and which pages they viewed, check out your stats. You should be able to access them by going to and logging in with your webpanel ID.

If you’re asking somthign else, you’ll have to explain more.

–Matttail - personal website

I’ve looked through the panel but haven’t found what I’m looking for. The closest is the host report. I was hoping to see what this one guy that I’ve given access to a passworded section has been looking at.

You’ll have to somehow find his IP address. One place to start is going through your logs. You can FTP in, or however you log in, and go to your logs/DOMAIN.COM/http directory and start browsing through access.log and the gzipped ones. Each line shows an IP address, some other info, and the page they viewed.


The access.log files! I like it.

I found the IP address of his domain, if not his individual PC by doing a traceroute back to his organization’s domain. Then grepped through the access.log files but didn’t find a recent access for anyone at that class c domain IP address. It looks like the access logs are only kept for 5 days.

You can always set up a cronjob to copy the access logs to another directory.


Or a cronjob that greps each day’s log, and email’s me if it finds a match.

However, it occurs to me that I still might not know the guy’s IP address. I assumed it was in the same domain as the mail server his email address is from. But if they have a rented mail and web server as I do on Dreamhost, he wouldn’t be connecting from within that domain.

His mail headers should have the originating IP address of his home computer, unless he’s using Webmail.


Yes, but I don’t have any emails directly from him, just the email address he gave when he signed up using Password Manager v.1

But maybe I can send him an email and get him to reply without showing my hand.