Monitor Disk Usage per domain

On the Dreamhost panel you can request every 30 days to view the disk usage of each domain that you are hosting. Is there any way I can monitor the disk usage daily, or at least weekly? I don’t want to wait 30 days to get an update; clients can go crazy uploading stuff in 30 days.

You can view current disk usage by User in the panel:

My domains are set up so that each domain is owned by a specific user. You can also create a one-line cron job in the panel and have it run daily:
/usr/bin/du -sh

If their website stores data outside of the domain folder, it’d be:
/usr/bin/du -sh example_data

If it’s run as that user, it will show you how many megs (or gigs) their domain folder (and then examle_data folder) is. You get to set the email address for the output. I don’t know if there’s a way to put more than one email address, but I’d try separating them with commas.[hr]
I just tried the above command. For some reason, using the panel for this does a recursive listing. The good news is that the very last line will give you a grand total. My new command I’m attempting is:
/usr/bin/du -sh | tail -1

This will show the last line at the tail end of the listing.

Just got the result back and the tail -1 addition worked.