Mongrel vs. Passenger: Which is more responsive?

I’ve had experience now with both rails servers in numerous hosting situations and I’m comfortable setting up apps in either instance. But what I’m curious about and I’m hoping someone has some experience or better, data, that could point me in the direction of which server runs faster on dreamhost. I am currently running a blog that is running pretty slow ( and, while I definitely need to refactor my code a bit, I’d like to get the best performance possible from my server.

So. Any thoughts?

I have not tried passenger yet…but the rails support is pretty bad.

  • no clustering (mongrel_cluster not installed)
  • one proxy per app
  • one mongrel per app
  • apache + fastcgi works fine on the shared host plan
  • PS is 3 times the cost for 1/4 the performance
  • your rails environment is always production
  • they refuse to switch people back to shared.

That’s been my experience thus far.