Hi folks :slight_smile:

I’ve heard and read really great reviews about DH and I dream of an account, a single one at least!

The problem is that the only mean i have to pay with is moneybookers, since i’m in an african country where there’s no credit cards, no paypal, no ability to send checks in dollars and such…

Several webhosting companies (like accept moneybokkers ( is there any little chance that DH will accept that? please?

Thank you and sorry for my poor english for it’s but my 4th language

As far as I know, DH does not use moneybookers. However, you should really get the official answer from them. Use the contact form to get in touch:

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i’ll do that right now! thank you! an answer finally! :slight_smile:

Ask them if you can use an international money order.
They accept money order in USD.

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