Ok, so the question. If I have an account and I prepayed some like 20dollars, but for some reason i want to cancel the account, can I get back the money? Or better how can I get it back?

If it is within the 97 days, you should be able to get your money back (but only what you paid - you will not get more than you paid back - like if you used a promo code). You should email support with your request to cancel.

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Even if you only paid $20 and it’s less than 97 days… keep in mind that $9.95 of that won’t be refunded if you used the free domain.

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ok, but if I’m over 97 days, but paying monthly, and I’m in advance with 20$?

I’m not sure if they’d refund it or not – it’s best to ask them. But if you used the free domain registration, that $9.95 would still come out of it.

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If you have unused money in your account you can ask a refund if you paid with a credit card.
You must contact the support to do so.

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Just to be sure, get it in writing from support before signing up.

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agree. we are sure that the money for the domain 9.95 is not refundable.

I guess that if you are in DH for more than 97 days, you can’t get the money back although yours is a monthly plan. Howerver, I’ll suggest you to write to DH support to clear your doubts.

Good luck!

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