Money off sign-up codes


I notice a lot of peoples signatures have money-off codes for signing up. ie…

‘Get $97 Off with promo code :97USD use “moua” as referrer’

If I used moua as a referrer wouldn’t all that $97 go to moua?

How does it work? Is it up to $97 i.e only if you take the top package? or does this include the starter $8/mnth package that I’m considering as well?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Actually, it is exactly the opposite of that. Dreamhost would have paid $97.00 to moua for referring you, but moua decided to pass that referral back to you as savings. By offering a $97.00 code, moua gets nothing (as he forwarded his entire referral payment to you as a discount via the “promo code”). A “save $50.00” promo code would split the $97 dollars two ways: $50.00 in saving to you, and $47.00 to the referrer who creatd the code.

It works up to a maximum of $97.00 - Different plans have different amounts as the “maximum” savings - and there are certain other conditions. There are lots of threads on this forum explaining (and discussing the “particulars” of the system) - just search and you find much more than you eer wanted to know aout these promo codes.



If you enter a referrer instead of a promo code that person will receive the full $97 rewards payment and you will get a $0 discount.

When you signup, you will see [color=#0000CC]“Promo Code or email of who referred you:”[/color] enter the promo code here, not the name or email address of the person who referred you. This way you will receive your promo code discount.

Simply put, the promo codes are all part of the Dreamhost rewards system. Dreamhost pays existing customers $97 for each new customer they refer to Dreamhost.

Now here is where it gets interesting, Dreamhost allows customers to share this $97 reward with the person they are referring. They do this by allowing customers to create their own custom promo codes.

When creating the promo code, existing customers can decide how much of the $97 reward payment they want to give to the new customer as a discount and how much they want to keep as a rewards payment.

For example, some people have decided to offer a $50 discount with their promo codes. If a new customer uses such a promo code they receive a $50 instant discount on their hosting and the promo code creator receives a $47 rewards payment.

Others (like me) have decided to create promo codes offering the full $97 as a discount.

Dreamhost limits the max discount that can be offered by a promo code to $97 for 1 year and 2 year plans and somewhat less for monthly plans, so even those who offer the full allowable discount will still receive some rewards payments for monthly signups, they can also make some money from 2nd level referrals.

Pay just [color=#CC0000]$22.40[/color] for 1 year Dreamhost hosting, use promo-code [color=#CC0000]MOJO97[/color]
Save [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] on all 1 and 2 year plans!! (Max saving on monthly plans too!!)

Good catch, moua! I misread the original poster’s question and respopnded as though he was talking about a promo code (and he did use the word “referrer” in his post!). My bad!

I wasn’t trying to mislead him; I just thought he was talking about the promo code.