I am trying to get MoinMoin 1.5.8 installed.

I have everything running fine but am no able to get any themes working.

My directory structure is running moin.cgi
from /home/username/

The moin.cgi points to my config files at /home/username/wikifarm/config

MoinMoin was installed in the /home/username/
so I have

I wonder if my problem is due to being in a directory above my

I am fumbling my way throught the install using:

Note that the above links will not work for 1.5.8, you have do set up stuff differently. I am documenting as I go and will post the changes here.

I am of course also trying to use the official documentation but it is really bloody cryptic.

I have tried using both the as well and disabling it and simply using

Any pointers?


I got it running using the new directions at:

I end up with a a working site at:

However when I simply type I get a directory list instead of running the .cgi.

Is there a way to edit the .htaccess to forward automatically from and to


You may want to use htaccess to achieve this.

You can also use PHP header functions to achieve this.

<?php header("Location:"); ?>

make sure to place the php codes at the begging of the page before any html codes.

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I have currently been using:
Redirect 301 /index.html

In the .htaccess and it seems to be working. Is this what you were suggesting adding to the .htaccess or something more elegant.

Is there a preferance of using PHP vs the above .htaccess code?

I’m new to this so I appreciate the help.


It is better to do the redirect using htaccess file. By doing so, users are redirected before the page is loaded. It is faster.

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