MoinMoin on Dreamhost

FWIW, I wrote a HOWTO describing MoinMoin installation on a Dreamhost site.

After reviewing MoinMoin’s own documentation (am I the only one that was confused?), and reviewing some other resources on the web, I decided to try my hand at documenting the process. I hope this makes it easier for others.

My wiki installation is a simple one. The HOWTO includes:

  • Downloading and setup
  • Wiki instance creation and configuration
  • Standard CGI or FastCGI support
  • Cruft-free URLs using Apache mod_rewrite

Any reason why you didn’t include that document on the dreamhost wiki (despite the fact that it got pwned and damaged earlier this month?)

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Only because I was experimenting with my new MoinMoin wiki! I’ll post a copy to the Dreamhost wiki as soon as I have a moment.