MODx configuration error: 'GD and/or Zip PHP extensions not found'

Hello all,

I am trying to install the MODx CMS on a subdirectory of one of my domains and every time I install it, after the installation process, I login to the admin part and after saving the initial configuration settings I keep getting the following error every time I subsequently go to access the configuration settings:

Some at the Modx forums have suggested that I alter the php.ini file, so I installed:

and uncommented “extension=php_zip.dll” and “extension=php_gd2.dll” and added “” in the php.ini, the thread (at,47782.0.html ) then suggested that I restart apache, but I don’t know how to do that in DH or if it does it on its own.

Also, in the same thread, some suggest creating a plug in to suppress the error, but that just makes the whole config panel disappear, and yeah, I could go into the database and change the settings by hand, but I’d much rather have access through the admin panel section.

I am sure that HD has the capability to make the GD and/or Zip PHP extensions work (cause DH is just an amazing host), but can someone in the forums help me with this?

Many thanks.

Okay, I installed Modx (1.0.4) on a server on a home computer. I don’t know how to fix this still with Dreamhost as my provider, but just in case anyone else comes across this problem — when everything works, the configuration panel and tabs DO NOT APPEAR AGAIN, that is, after a clean, problem-free installation, the panel totally disappears. If you need to alter the configuration post-save, it’s not in the database, but in a file in your Modx folder: /manager/includes/ Go in there and make alterations as needed with your ftp program (at least that’s one of the primary places).

I kept thinking that the panel would still exist to make alterations after I pushed the save button, but I guess not.

So, also, when you open the admin section directly after installation, go through that config. panel as THOROUGHLY as you can, because after that, it looks like those settings are only alterable in the files themselves.

[size=x-small]If I find out any more concerning this issue, I will continue to update this thread.[/size]

Someone in the modx forum clued me in. To alter the configuration in the admin, go to:

[size=medium][font=Times New Roman]Top menu - Tools / Configuration[/font][/size]

Still haven’t figured out how to fix the original error, through Dreamhost, but for right now…