Mods on Phpbb

i was wondering is there anyone out there that has but the mod on your phpbb so you can add attachments to your forums. i tryed to install it like 10 times and it doesnt work i was wondering if there is anyone out there that could help me or just do it for me please post back thanks…

I heavn’t done this mod before but I’m sure people here oculd help. What problems are you having? Do you understand all of the values you need to set for the MOD, or is somehting not working properly?

If you’re getting a specific error then you should try searching google for that, and or the forums at It may be a common problem or knows issue that may allready have a published answer.


Make sure it’s AcydBurn’s attachment mod DIRECTLY FROM

I have that mod on my forum, it works perfect for me. I dunno if you should let people you don’t know do it for you though, just not a good idea unless you trust them.