Modifying zenphoto

I installed zenphoto using the one-click method. Unlike the other one-click installs I’ve tried, this one needed to create a new subdomain itself. That subdomain is now not listed like the manually created ones but appears only as a DNS record under my main domain, and apparently points to The domain and the installation of zenphoto does not appear anywhere in the directory structure that I can access by ssh:ing to

I would very much like to be able to make some modifications to the themes in zenphoto. Is there anyway I can access the installation (from the one-click install) to do so?

The one-click of zenphoto is only a simple install. This means that it is installed to a central location that is inaccessible to you. You will only be able to use whatever features the base install has. If you want to be able to customize it you will have to manually download the zenphoto files and install them on your account yourself. Avoid simple installs as they are pretty useless if you are a paid hosting customer. If the one-click has an advanced option always use that but if it only has simple go download the files tand install everything yourself as that is only way you will have control over your stuff.

Thanks for the reply, I sort of expected something like that. It’s a pity, Wordpress and Concrete5 all installed nicely and accessibly, but no Zenphoto.

zenphoto is relatively easy to install yourself. just get the files from and follow the instructions. you’re just going to need to create a new mysql database (or use an existing one) for it. ts pretty straightforward…

seriously once you install one type of php/mysql software successfully on your account you shouldn’t have a problem installing anything of that type. becomes old hat in short order. i can understand why people like one click installers and such but it takes minimal effort to download the files yourself, alter any configuration files as necessary and upload it to your account to get it going.