Modifying outbound e-mail?

Good evening.

Is it possible, using Procmail (or something similar) to automatically modify outbound e-mail messages? I subscribe to several lists which only accept mail with registered sender addresses, and it’s a pain to try to remember to specify the correct sender for each list when I post. I’d like to set up some rules to apply the correct sender address automatically.


This is a very good idea. I think it should be possible, but haven’t tried it. If you have some luck, please let us know. I found some stuff by searching the web, but nothing specific to DreamHost.

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Well, it looks like this would probably require modification of the MTA configuration, and I suspect that Dreamhost wouldn’t want to let me do that.

I’m thinking that I might be able to do this by writing a simple Perl server that would run as an SMTP proxy on localhost. It would pass most traffic along as-is, except for modifying the outbound sender information as needed. Shouldn’t take too much code…