Modifying images in WEBFTP

I just gained access to WEBFTP and need help modifying images.

I am a total beginner and have very minimal knowledge on FTP. I had a designer code and manage my site but he has recently moved on to other “things”. As expected he gave me no info as to how to manage/manipulate the contents so I’m on my own.

I located the file that the images are in but how would I go updating them via WEBFTP. Would I need a Dreamweaver to download the files first, update said images and then upload back to the site? If so what exactly do I download to manipulate the images?

Thanks in advance!

Rather than WebFTP, I’d suggest that you use Filezilla:

It will give you a window that looks similar to your computer’s file browser. With that, you can drag the image file to your desktop, and then modify the image with whatever program you have on your computer, like Photoshop. Then you can drag it back to the server via Filezilla.