Modifying Account


I must renew my account by November 1st.
I need to change my Visa number in my account on Dream host. I went to BILLING then to to something else that lead me to a MODIFY visa button.
I clicked it but can’t figure out how to change to my new Visa number. Could someone please assist me. It would mean a lot as i can’t have my site go offline. Please and thanks !!
Have a great week, Thanks again for the help :slight_smile:

  • Chris,

Go to Billing->Make Payment, then the Credit Card Autopay dropdown section at the top. You can put your new credit card info in there. However, this is for billing every 21st of the month.

If you’re owing money now, then the section below, Make a Payment is where you enter the new info to pay your bill. The top of the screen should show your balance.

If it says that you have $0 due, then contact support and ask them how much it is to renew your account.