Modify Outgoing Emails


How would one modify emails on the SMTP server?

The scenario is, I want all “staff” that are sending mails using DH’s SMTP to have the same signature appended in the emails they sent, and also to Cc a “manager’” address, without having to do edits on mail clients one by one.

Even editing one by one is not really a good option since it means all mail clients that the staff uses (webmail, mobile, desktop) must be edited as well. Most staff are clueless about these things which means we have to write “detailed instructions” for too many mail clients. And even if we do this, we must exclude Gmail (the “send mail from” feature) and some clients that don’t have the “auto Cc” feature.

Am I making any sense?

Thank you.

I’m afraid we don’t have this capability at the present time. Our SMTP servers aren’t set up to alter messages passing through them.