Mod_speling and full apache crash


I have 2 different VPS server accounts in which I manage the http configuration. The only reason I do this is to enable mod_speling.
I go into the httpd.conf and add a line to include the
I haven’t had any problems thus far. Thats the ONLY thing I’ve modified in the entire config file.
On one of my VPS servers yesterday apache locked itself down and wouldnt start.
I got the “apache cannot assign requested address. make_Sock could not bind to [my ip address]”.
I went and took out the mod_speling module in the config and still couldn’t get the server started. Next, i took out the line, rebooted and then still couldn’t get apache to start. I FINALLY got the server back online by going back to the dreamhost managed http server.
Am I playing with fire by using the mod_speling module in my apache config?
This server is going to host a couple of major sites for my company, when they go down, people run around like things are on fire.