Mod RewriteRule runs on dreamhost fails on xampp

I’m running an old version of XAMPP on Windows XP to match the same version of MySQL 5.0.45 that runs on dreamhost so I have to use a 2 year old XAMPP to match MySQL versions. Anyway, XAMPP 1.6 seems to run a pretty close match to versions that the machine dreamhost has assigned me to for shared hosting.

My old xampp dev environment runs perfectly with the exception of Mod Rewrite… for some reason, some mod_rewrite commands that work on .htaccess on dreamhost just craps out for mod_rewrite rules on XAMPP 1.6… and I really don’t want to develop on my live shared hosting account on dreamhost.

This works fine on both dreamhost and XAMPP 1.6:
RewriteRule ^$ /_controller.php?object=recentreviews&method=list

This only works on dreamhost, but craps out on XAMPP 1.6:
RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9.:-()!/’,]+)/([a-z0-9.:-()!/]+)/reviews/([0-9]+)$ /_controller.php?object=reviews&method=list&params=$3,10,0,1,$1,$2

Is there a cross platform issue of Windows slash/backslash VS Linux(dreamhost) slash/backslash when it comes to mod rewrite? thats the only thing I can think of. What other syntax can I try to get this working in both windows and dreamhost (linux) ?
Thanks for any suggestions.


You could try changing the delimiter as a test (should be possible, never tried it tho). Mr. Google will know :wink:

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