Is mod-rewrite enabled on the gower server on shared hosting?

When I try to view my images with spider-friendly url’s, I get “no input file specified” or whatever it is when spider friendly url’s are used.

Any help here?


mod_rewrite is enabled on all the servers…

The “no input file specified” means that the php page you’re trying the reach does not exist. You get this message instead of the normal 404 error page, because PHP is running as a CGI.

You are most likely having an error in your rewrite rules. Try to post them here, in order to get help…

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It should be, but it is actually very easy to check for yourself. Create a file with the following in it:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>Upload it to the server and then browse it. In the section called “Apache” you will see a list of loaded modules, in which mod_rewrite should be appear.

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My .htaccess is blank because I saved a blank one to my server.
How can I view my .htaccess at all on my previous server?

I cannot view it anywhere on my file-list.

That and mod_rewrite was no-where found on phpinfo of what you said.

And do I need .htaccess for tihs?


Well, unless you run PHP as CGI (as recommended by DreamHost). Then it’s not possible to see in a phpinfo() if mod_rewrite is available.

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I enabled it like…fifteen minutes ago.


The filename for the .htaccess file begins with a . (dot). This causes it to be hidden on many Operating Systems.

You will probably have to set your FTP software to show hidden files, in order to download the file from your old server.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not available. mod_rewrite is only mentioned in phpinfo is you run PHP as an Apache module. I think it’s available on all DreamHost’s servers.

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I still can’t find it…I tried unhiding files too.

Update: Turning off CGI as PHP solves it all