I have on my .htaccess

Activate rewriting

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /


RewriteRule ^blog/([0-9]+) index.php?gadget=Blog&action=SingleView&id=$1
RewriteRule ^blog/archive/ index.php?gadget=Blog&action=Archive
RewriteRule ^blog/ index.php?gadget=Blog


RewriteRule ^photos/([0-9]+)/([0-9]+) index.php?gadget=Phoo&action=ViewImage&id=$2&albumid=$1
RewriteRule ^photos/([0-9]+)/ index.php?gadget=Phoo&action=ViewAlbum&id=$1
RewriteRule ^photos/ index.php?gadget=Phoo

Encoding issues

AddType ‘text/html; charset=UTF-8’ html
AddType ‘text/xml; charset=UTF-8’ atom rss xml

From (A CMS frame work), I have added my .htaccess for friendly URLS… but not get any… and don’t know how to test :wink: any help is apretitated!


I’m not certain what you mean by “but not get any”, but I found that because DreamHosts default is to install php as cgi v. module, well, if you omit the “index.php” part of your rewrite rules it just might work.

I had a similar issue and this fixed it. Or swept it under the rug, whichever way you prefer to see it.

You do have the choice of opting for php as module if you’re able to live with this one limitation

good luck