Mod_rewrite vs. stats

We’ve installed the Drupal CMS system on our site. It uses Apache’s mod_rewrite so one can use URL’s like http://domainname/foo/bar instead of http://domainname/index.php?q=foo&s=bar. The pages are much more Googlebot friendly with /foo/bar.

Drupal and mod_rewrite work great, except that you can’t see Dreamhost stats. Stats seem to be only accessible via http://domainname/stats. Problem is that Drupal scarfs up the address and redirects it to its own 404 page handler. I’ve tried playing with the rewrite rules inside .htaccess to tell it to pass it through, but I don’t get much success.

Is there another URL from which one can access the stats package for our account? Maybe some magic URL that doesn’t involve our domainname?


I’m not an expert on stats or how they make them show up at /stats, and I’m not an expert on mod_rewrite, but I’ll at least ask… what are you adding to .htaccess?

My initial guess would have been that adding something like this at the top of the domain root’s .htaccess file would tell Drupal to leave it alone:

RewriteRule ^stats/ - [L]

Thanks for the tip. I tried it, but it didn’t work. I still get thrown into Drupal’s 404 page which forwards back to the main site. It means it continues getting the /stats request instead of letting the stats package see it.

BTW, here’s the domain:

I even tried creating a subdirectory called ‘stats’ hoping mod_rewrite would then leave the URL alone, but that didn’t work either.

Any other ideas?