Mod_rewrite to fix a new directory structure

software development


I’m moving a website from one host to dreamhost and adding a level to the directory structure. How can I do this with mod_rewrite?

Site v.1 is hosted at one provider, and, in advance of rolling out v.2, we’re bringing v.1 to dreamhost first. To avoid DNS propagation issues, we’re moving the new site from http://domain-oldhost/ to http://domain-dreamhost/v1/ where it should live until v.2 is launched at http://domain-dreamhost/

I think I should be able to use mod_rewrite in a .htaccess file to rewrite requests for http://domain-dreamhost/directory/file.html to http://domain-dreamhost/v1/directory/file.html, but can’t get it to work for nested directories. Anybody?