Mod_rewrite, htaccess question

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hi there,
im having trouble with my .htaccess.txt.
If i upload and .htaccess with this single line
Redirect /google.html
i have a 404 error.
"The requested URL /google.html was not found on this server."
Any ideas? i do have more than one site under my dreamhost user account.
Any help or directions would be appreciated.

regards, goliatone

Glad to help you out with any AS or flash related doubts.


Redirect actually doesn’t require mod_rewrite, but that doesn’t have much to do with your question.

i use RedirectPermanent in my .htaccess files for files that i’ve moved to other locations on my site. for example:
RedirectPermanent /ready.html

you could try that and see if it makes any difference – i would expect the only difference to what status code the initial request comes back with though.

is it actually named .htaccess.txt? if so, you need to remove the .txt for it to have any effect.

also, .htaccess should be at /home/username/ – or when you ftp it looks like / so you could make sure it’s in the right place.

i don’t know for sure, but if you had another .htaccess at /home/username/.htaccess (/.htaccess through ftp) that might be interfering with this one.

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hi there,
first of all, tnxs for your time.
I was just really lost…at the begining i was traying without the .txt then i added.
I kind of had the idea that was a problem with the file edition.

I just solved, it was actually the naming process. The issue was solved by saving the file with this name: “.htaccess”
, including the quotes.

It was really simple, but those quotes made me go nuts.

again, tnxs for your time

regards, goliatone

Glad to help you out with any AS or flash related doubts.