Mod_rewrite disabled

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In doing some reading through the internet regarding hosting companies and whatnot (I am not unhappy with DH, quite the opposite!!) I have noticed that a very few amount of hosts have decided to disable mod_rewrite in Apache. This sounds quite strange to me, as it is a very common and highly used mod.

What would be the reasoning behind disabling this mod inparticular? Seems like it would be something that every host would have enabled.


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mod_rewrite can be tricky, and poorly written rules / regexps can cause bigtime problems (including taking an entire machine down - in which case, it’s often difficult to tell which site is causing the problem), as well as causing less serious problems that may generate support questions.

Obviously it’s also a very powerful and useful tool, which is why many hosts do leave it enabled, but I actually find it more surprising that many shared hosts allow it than the reverse.

If you haven’t, read the two quotes at the top of: