Mod_pagespeed version


I am a happy user of the mod_pagespeed beta checkbox. I decided to add a few custom filters to cram a bit more of optimization (via .htaccess, as described here: ).

I’ve added a few, but others gave me an error 500 (Internal Server Error). I’ve noticed that at least two of the problematic ones (trim_url and combine_javascript) are tagged as new features of version and, respectively.

It seems that DreamHost has an earlier version, so I ask: does anyone know if they have plans to upgrade? If not, is there a way to enable the upgrade on my site? How? Should I? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Yes — we should probably get around to upgrading that. I’ll make a bug to do that right now!

Great, that would be awesome! Some of those newer optimizations will really enhance performance in lots of sites.


It would be nice to have a newer version available, still - I’d like to give the combine_javascript option a try.

Hi I’d like to bump this to check the status - the installed version is as of today, and I can confirm that it’s got a few bugs that prevent its use. My site was self-DoSing itself when I activated due to hitting the filesystem limit of /var/mod_pagespeed/files/ (too many locks).

Now that you’re mentioned mod_pagespeed in the newsletter, that it’s out of beta, what version have you installed on dedicated servers? Is it up to date yet?

Looks like we’re currently using, which is one minor revision off of the current version. There’s only one difference between ours and theirs, which is the ability to turn off a feature. So you should be good to go. I checked and made sure paracast has that version.

Current deployed version should be (We’re aware that has just come out, but we’ve determined that the changes in that version are not necessary for our deployment — added a single configuration option, and was simply a 1.0 release with no changes.)

Well, it seems to be working, so far, without the workarounds I encountered with the older version. I actually had the Google developers make a fix when I brought a nav bar rendering problem to their attention.

I’m glad you got a near-latest version installed. Thanks.

Now since we’re in new stuff, how about the latest Xcache and the latest PHP 5.3.x?

I just checked the version of Mod PageSpeed running on my Dreamhost VPS and it is X-Mod-Pagespeed: . At they are at . Are you going to update this for VPS/Shared? Or is there a wiki page or explanation somewhere so I can do this?

Excellent, that would be awesome!