1. does anyone have an idea when DH is going to implement mod_logio ?

  2. i need to limit bandwidth on my site at apache level. i know there’s mod_bandwidth but its not installed here. any ideas?

  3. is there some automatic process monitor/killer installed? after my script spawns 30-40 php.cgi processes, which are working correctly and not eating cpu/mem they are getting killed. what’s weird is that a ‘top’ process i run from ssh is also being killed. looks like someone is doing that manually ot some automated killall by uid


  1. We usually don’t know until it happens. Is it in the Suggestions list in the panel?

  2. I’m just curious; why limit bandwidth at the apache level, and not at the user level?

  3. I’ve had processes killed, but I find that if I run ‘nice +19 ~/myscript’ that it doesn’t get killed.


  1. i got that info from some support reply, thought someone might know

  2. what i want is to limit bandwith for my account to 1.5mb/s or 15mbit. this way i wouldn’t go over 4tb monthly quota. any ideas how to do that without apache module?

  3. well, php.cgi process is spawned by apache, do u think nice would help?

thanks for replies

mod_logio has already been implemented. It’s rolling out to various servers as new configuration files are generated.

Spawning 30-40 php.cgi processes is a really bad idea and not kind to our server.

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well, these processes are just a simple file downloads. i guess there’s no big difference in spawning 40 apache’s or php’s.


ps. the reason why it’s very important for me is that

  1. i dont want to reveal direct path to a file users are downloading
  2. i want to limit download speed for some user groups
  3. there is no other way to do that but with php download script

I did a Google search for a way for PHP to limit download speed and found this:


yeah, this is exactly the way i am doing that. this forks php.cgi for each download and the process is hanging until the download is finished. the files users download from my site are 400-500 megs. so, 50-60 handing php.cgi processes are guaranteed

That’s not the kind of thing that’s appropriate for our shared hosting servers. It sounds like you are probably doing things in an ok way, but it’s just more than can be expected from shared hosting. 50-60 simultaneous downloads of 400-500 megabyte files is pretty resource intensive.

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well its some virtual maximum i am speaking about.

anyway, i can live with mod_cband which is installed at your servers without eating additional resources.