Is it possible to disable mod_gzip in certain folders through .htaccess, or can this only be done by the admins?
I need unbuffered output for several php applications, and I’d rather not bother Tech Support unless it’s necessary.

I’m unsure about disabling it with .htaccess, though I doubt it’s possible, you could however try disabling it by using your own php.ini file.
Such information is documented in the Dreamhost Wiki:

Either that, or you could compile your own version of PHP without gzip… that would be going a bit out of your way though (unless you absolutely don’t ever need to use it at all). That’s also documented in the wiki.

Mh. I’ve compiled my own PHP version already, but I read that the mod_gzip happens above the PHP level, within Apache.

That’s why I assumed that there is no way to switch it off using PHP.

Indeed, apparently (just read) that it is enabled by default.
One would have thought it would be disabled and the user configured it themselves… sigh

Anyways, you can either try throwing this into your .htaccess file:

Or if that doesn’t work, file a support ticket and ask them to turn it off for your domain(s). That’s apparently the only other way to go about it :confused: