I’m getting occasional entries of
in my error.log files.

For the few times when I have compared the log time with access.log, there is an access at that time, but it returns a code 200 success instead of an error.

The SERVER_SOFTWARE envar indicates that mod_gzip/ is part of the binary Dreamhost is using on .greeley

But I can’t find any documentation any in the knowledgebase or on the web that indicates what an ISMEM:32 transmit error is, what causes it, and what I should be doing to correct it.


"mod_gzip was just about to send content (which has been compres-
sed in memory and not into a file, by the way) when “something
happened” that made the system call for sending bytes return a
smaller number of bytes being sent that were requested to send.

Basically, anything may have happened - but outside of mod_gzip.
The most likely thing that might have happened is that the user
clicked on the “stop” button in his browser."