and HTTP dynamic streaming?

Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to ask.

I’ve been playing around with the OSMF and looking into HTTP dynamic streaming.

The short overview is that its a technology provided free from Adobe that allows a video player to change what stream its connected to based on available bandwidth so that the viewer has the best uninterrupted playback of the video.

For more info check this out:

Specifically the module:

From what I understand the video on demand (VOD) is still a progressive download (or modified progressive download with the module I mention later; video files need to exist prior to connecting) where as Adobe sells servers to manage live video streaming and DRM concerns (flash access).

As more people and devices support higher versions of flash on mobile devices, tv’s (and probably soon refrigerators and toasters) seems like this would allow a flash video player in page to give them the best stream experience whether a user is on 3g, 4g, wifi at a crowded cafe or full dedicated business class bandwidth.

In order to do so you’d need to load
Doesn’t seem to be found when looking through a phpinfo call.

Looks like they only have a 32 bit version currently, but I saw a post that the 64 bit version is in the works. (Don’t know if thats an issue)

I haven’t looked exactly how the module works so I can’t speak to if/how much additional server resources it would consume or how that could convert to cost.

Obviously if its critical one could roll with a dedicated machine and configure it all sorts of ways; including to use this module, but my question is do you think this would be something Dreamhost would be interested in looking into providing as a part of their overall offering?

If so what would be the next steps in asking if they would support it?
(Probably a support ticket?)

PS: I’m not from Adobe or work for Adobe, just looking at some tech thats coming out and thinking about how I could leverage it for some clients that may not be able to afford dedicated servers.

I haven’t looked into the extension in any detail, but the lack of a 64-bit version of the extension would be an immediate deal-killer — basically all of our servers are 64-bit.