So my dedicated server’s been down for almost two days due to an issue with mod_dosevasive. Every domain on my server points to 403 errors. I received a reply 18 hours into the ordeal that said they agree with my assessment, and will fix it. It’s now 13 hours after that. Does anyone know the best way to say “hey, I’m completely at your mercy to fix your problem” to the DH support staff?

I’ve had nothing but wonderful support until this. Do they work on weekends?



All you can do that I can think of is to report it with an “OMG” priority. I also don’t think it would be unfair to look for updates every 6 hours or so. I would DEFINITELY let them know that it’s already been reported and I would include the original number so that they can look up the current info.

I’ve seen DH staff work 24/7. Of course that’s only one of them at a time. (j/k)



Thanks so much, Wholly. It’s nice to get a response. I’ve been with DH for almost three years and I am really surprised with this lack of response. I received an email last night (12pm PST) stating that they will fix it and call when it’s all set. I have not heard a peep since. I submitted a few more OMG support requests and was a polite as I could be–alas, I agree with a previous post where I’m at my wit’s end. I now have more customer service messages than they have on queue–and I’m only one person…



I think you were right to start asking about it here. It’s a shame that you’ve pretty much diagnosed the issue and they haven’t been able to get it together or at least a reasonable response. The reason I said 6 hours was that it would give you a chance to generally talk to the same person twice in the same shift. But if they aren’t reading them or not being able to get back to them it doesn’t matter after you have 4-8 on the queue.

Question: Are you really on a dedicated server? This doesn’t sound like a good advertisement for the service.

Out of desperation you might try a pm to Michael or Dallas on the forums.



Yeah, I’ve been on a dedicated server since 2004. They have been nothing but top notch thus far. Maybe it’s me, but over the past 8 months, I’ve noticed that the responses are slower, less personal, and a whole lot less informative. When I was shopping for dedicated servers years ago, I had a shared account with DH. Their support blew me away. Not only did they answer my emails quickly, they explained what was going on, what they did to fix it, and asked if there was anything else I needed. Dallas, etc. were the reason it was a no brainer to stay with DH and recommend it to all of my friends.

The shame of it is, we diagnosed the problem after hours of research, they agreed, and then they dropped the ball. Ugh. Thanks for the info.



I would never give them bad press. Their company to me represents the model of how a company should be run. I will assume that this is an isolated incident until they prove it otherwise.

The problem with a day-for-day refund is that it could never compensate for the business or customer trust I lost over the two days. I run a teacher grading website and believe it or not, many of the teachers’ grades are due to their schools Monday. Is this Murphy’s Law at work or what?



It’s not “Bad Press” per se, but “Reality Press”



I guess “Reality press” is the best way to put it. Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that my 2nd support ticket is now at 17 hours and 52 minutes after DH said they were working on it. I pleaded for a status email to no avail. I would be satisfied with a short note that said “still working on it,” but that’s probably not the whole truth and nothing but the truth…



Considering callbacks can be requested even on a Level 2 Sweet Dreams plan, if I were a dedicated hosting customer with a serious problem like this, I’d be asking for a callback every few hours until it got fixed.

Abaum, if you’re still waiting, ask them to get on the phone and call you right away.

Especially not at $400 a month, which is the price I was quoted when I inquired about dedicated hosting. I hope things are working now.


What eventually happened is that 36 hours after the outage, someone realized that it was the battery in the motherboard of my dedicated server slowly dying. Time actually appeared to be going backwards and every program was tricked into shutting down.

The only thing that still irks me was their lack of communication throughout the repair process. I did not received any emails or calls within an 18-hour period. I would have been satisfied with a “we’re working on it–here’s a quick note to tell you we’ve narrowed it down to a few things…”; rather, they ignored my 5 cust. service requests until it was fixed.

They called shortly after it was fixed and simply said “it’s fixed.” All’s well that ends well. They’re still a great company, but I’m still considering how to properly follow this up in terms of compensation and future business.



I’d certainly make sure that your issue gets reported up the food chain. It’s a shame that it took so long to get handled. Other issues may have affected how quickly they could get to it, but surely there’s a priority order - such as “Multiple servers down”, “Dedicated down”, “Single Serves down”…

Keep the faith!