does anyone have any experience setting up a moblog (mobile photo blog) through their dreamhost account? there are lots of scripts and movabletype plug-ins, but all of them (i think) require that an email address be set up that will dump attachments into a prescribed folder or feed emails to a script of some kind. i’m no slouch, but figuring that out is a bit beyond me…

sorry, forgot to log in. i’m not anonymous, just spacey.

That’s yet another one of the projects on my ToDo list, which stretches around the corner of my house and out past the driveway. I thought for certain after I bought the Treo 600 I would find time to set up a moblog, but it has not yet come to pass.

I’ve look at two free (for now) hosted sites, but haven’t tried either one.
TextAmerica -
MoblogUK -

There’s some useful article in an article from last November at The Feature ( There’s also some good info at

Although I assume you are interested in camera-based moblogging, if you’re interested in audioblogging you might want to check out a tool I wrote called PhoneBlogger. It was the first publicly available tool to let you audio blog by phone. I have to admit that it is not trivial to set up, but it is free and open source and I can obviously assure you that it will run on a DreamHost server.