Moble Apps display *False-Positive* SSL Cert Warning

Facebook for Android (& possibly iPhone & other mobile apps) displays a warning when I follow a link to my site. The warnings says something about “Untrusted Site…Invalid Security Certificate… Go back or Ignore Warning and Continue to Site”

The W3C mobileOK Checker identified the 4 culprits: outgoing links to Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter that I have in my header for all pages.

But I don’t use SSL encryption. I do not have secured hosting, any HTTPS links nor an SSL cert!

This is definitely a false-positive on FBs end, but what to do? IMO FB won’t correct it (I sent email to support) and I can’t change the link paths because it’s generated by api scripting.

I’m sure this is scaring a large number of visitors, but what to do?

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix or a work-around?

Nobody huh?

I bet this is happening to a lot of your mobile sites and you’re probably just unaware of it.