MobileMe - CNAME



I want to make the put the pages I am making with iWeb onto the addresses I have with Dreamhost. I am told to do this:

Go to your registrar’s website. Define as the “www” CNAME (alias) for your domain. (from the Apple MobileMe account page)

Where do I do this?



Domains -> Manage Domains, then click DNS next to your domain name. While you’re at it, add a wildcard (*) CNAME as well. That way “” and “” will both go to your MobileMe site.

This only works if you’re not actively hosting a website for that domain, since you need to re-assign the www. to your MobileMe. I think I had to muck around with hosting settings first, like create just a redirect for that domain, just so the domain would show up in Manage Domains.




Can you be more specific about the steps of how to set up as the “www” CNAME (alias) for our domain? I have trouble following what you said to set it up.




Here are the instructions I followed: