Mobile Browser Incompatible w/ Paypalme Link

I have a Paypal Me custom link on one of my sites for donations.

Mobile Chrome & mobile IE can’t connect to PayPal when they click the link. Other mobile browsers (example: Firefox) can successfully get through. Mobile Chrome Incognito gets to PayPal and the link works fine for all desktop browsers.

The link is normal:

 <a href="">text here</a> 

I sometimes see “#blocked” in the address bar for a split second before bouncing back to my page.

Oddly enough… If I type that same Paypalme URL into the address bar using mobile Chrome or mobile IE it works. So it’s only when the link is on my page that it fails for these browsers.

I’ve played with various browser settings but so far no luck. Any ideas?

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This happens when hotlinking to files. Very odd that a regular URI would trigger it.

Perhaps a common extension is kicking in to protect you against potential scams/phishing.

Try adding a target to the link to see if opening via a new TAB gets around it.

<a href="" target="_blank">text here</a> 

I was using that. I removed it thinking the mobile browsers weren’t handling the new tab properly, but that wasn’t it.

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My reasoning for thinking it could be a common extension is that you noted the link appears to work in Incognito mode. Extensions are by-default not loaded in Incognito mode.

If no common extensions are being used then maybe local cache is playing up.

… or you might be logged into PayPal and that ruffles their feathers for whatever reason.

I clear browser cache each time I test. I also clear site settings, turn off safe browsing, allow all cookies, even 3rd party cookies, reset browser to default settings… so far nothing seems to work.

I created a blank web page and put the link there. Same result. Very puzzling.

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Maybe check your cookies for any PayPal remnants and remove them.

It’s a strange one. I’d be inclined to go find a random link on the web and click it to see if the results are the same.

When I clear cookies, according to the Web Developer extension for Chrome, there are no remaining cookies.

No problem problem with other Paypal Me links, although I have not tried placing someone else’s Paypal Me link on my page… however in practice there would be no reason to.

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That’s just crazy.

Maybe they’re reading a fingerprint for the device via Chromium and are baulking at the self-test. Back in the day we’d have to set up a sandbox account to do link testing where the likes of PayPal, et al are concerned.

I phoned PayPal tech support. They were able to recreate the issue but had no explanation. The ticket was elevated to next level so I wait.

I also posted issue at PayPal Community Forum.

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Wow! Massive glitch considering it involves financial concerns.

Maybe they’ll hire real coders to un-break it.

(jk – that won’t happen)

Discovered the reason following the PayPal Me link fails is because some mobile browsers misinterpret the link & try to unsuccessfully open PayPal app.

These browsers fail:
Mobile Chrome
Mobile IE
Mobile Edge
Mobile Brave

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Allowing Apps to hijack protocols in other programs was always a bad idea.

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