Mobile App Suggestion - VPS Status/Resource Usage

It would be pretty handy to be able to pull up an app on my phone while I’m away from the office that would show me the current resource usage and status of my VPS.

Something more convenient than logging into Cpanel.

Has DreamHost given any thought to this?

DreamHost doesn’t use CPanel. It has its own custom Panel.

Building and maintaining an app would require a significant amount of resources, and it’s hard to build an app for every platform… you’ve got iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, etc. Probably not the best use of DreamHost’s money and talent. A more mobile-friendly Panel, though… that would be worth investing in.

Sorry, CPanel is just in my vocabulary as Kleenex has replaced “tissue”.

I agree, a full panel would be a mis-allocation of resources. If the DreamHost panel is already making an API call to get the current stats for a VPS and display them on said panel, I am curious if building a simple app, or like you mentioned even a mobile friendly interface, that makes that API call, is more manageable.

I don’t need a full panel, just VPS health and utilization. I could see other users having a need for a mobile friendly panel though.

Thanks for the reply!

For what it’s worth, we do plan to make our panel more mobile-friendly in the future.

If you want beta testers, I’m sure you’ll find plenty here.