Mobile app for my business



I am the owner of the car accessories store and I decided to develop my business on the Internet. I want to create a mobile app for my business. Can you advise me some programs for creating mobile apps?


The “apps” category in this forum means web server applications like blogs, forums, wikis, etc. Not mobile apps.

However, to answer your question, Google for terms “mobile app creator”, “build mobile app”, etc. Here’s one that has been around for a while:

My suggestion is to avoid getting into the business of writing software, and capitalize on your business-specific skills to get someone else to create such an app for you. You may not need a “mobile app”. You may need business software that looks good in the mobile format.

I’ll invite you to contact me off-list to discuss you requirements. I’ve been doing work like this for decades and work with many colleagues who might be able to either help you to create a mobile presence, or they might already have something that you can use.

Good luck.


Software Development Kits to build Apps for…




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