MMS Blog Joomla

I have successfully used the Joomla components, mods, etc. for MMSBlog and JoomBlog on another host with POP3 mail. Now I have tried it on Dreamhost and it will not work because of IMAP problems. I get the following error:

"Missing IMAP extension

MMS blog depends on the imap extension, and will not work without it

If you are running this on your own computer, enable the php imap extension in your installation of php

If you are running this on a shared host, please send a friendly mail to your provider explaining your need for the php imap extension"

Dreamhost has indicated that I might be able to 1) put an open IMAP argument in the .htacess file or 2)compile my own php.

I don’t know how to do either. Could some one provide some clearer guidance for me than DH.

Thanks in advance.