MLK Day's Promo Code

What if I overlooked inputting the promo code registering for today’s promotion? It’s slightly confusing, even if clearly lableled. (Who chooses between a “promo code” vs an “email address” what kind of label is THAT!?

Anyway, what has to happen now to ensure the deal. This is for a client of mine, so it won’t help you to look at my account. If she is charged $119, we’re going to have fireworks and chaos on this end.

What to do next? AND If that is not satisfactory, is canceling a non-promotional account within the first 24 hours a big headache too? Or can we act quickly with no financial repercussions, no waiting for “refunds” 5-10 days from the bank and that kind of stuff.

Please help! If my client has to cancel, I will be canceling mine as well.


There’s the 97 day refund policy, plus I think the first two weeks are free. Contact Sales through the panel. There’s a Sales and Billing option. See about canceling the account or ask for a promo refund of the difference.


I’m in the same boat. I just signed up for a new account and I didn’t see anywhere to input the promo code. Please let me know what you find out from your support.

I had the same problem. The support team quickly applied the discount to my account and I verified it by looking on the ‘Manage Account’ section.

$119.40 yearly ($9.95 per month)
(Discounted to $9.24 for your first year!) 2011-01-30

  • Brent