I’ve seen many threads about uninstalling Miva, but still hasn’t seen a solution.

Did anyone finally figure it out?



Here’s my sigguestion; first try this K-base Article and see if you can sorta follow it backwards to remove miva. If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, contact support. Finally do all of your fellow Dreamhosters a favor and come back and post with how you finally resolved this issue.




Unfortunately the article didn’t help me, probably because I’d been an idiot and deleted the mm5 folder.

Anyway, I sent a mail to dreamhost and said I’d deleted it. They replied the next day that in that case they’d actually have to contact Miva and request a new key for me. They did so, and mailed me the next day and told me now it’s fixed, go ahead with the installation.

If you do like me and delete the mm5 folder, the only way to correct it is through support…So DON’T DELETE! :wink:

Sorry I can’t be of any help to the others, but can give a warning at least.