Miva Store

Dear Dreamhost customers,

I am considering hosting a web store on a dreamhost shared server and would like some refs. The sales dept. said I could post here to solict them.

Do you or someone you know run a Miva webstore on Dreamhost?

May I get the URL?

What has been your experience?

How many orders do you handle on a regular basis?

Any feedback would be very helpful. Email your response if possible.


Boris Kizelshteyn

One of my clients used to have a Miva store on Dreamhost, but we did run into a lot of problems with it after a while. However, from comparing notes with other people, I think this may be more due to Miva’s own inherent stability issues than Dreamhost in particular. I’m now converting the store over to a PHP/MySQL solution, which has the reputation of being a lot more stable.


Business: http://www.spidersilk.net
Personal: http://www.wildideas.net

I am curious what solution you are moving to? I am looking for php/mysql store reccomendations.