Missing the last 5 hours worth of mail?

Ok so I get home from work today, fire up Apple Mail to see if theres anything new come in since I left work (I check it all day long at work) and it seems all of the mail to my dreamhost account that I recieved since about noon today up to about 4:30 is gone.

I know there was plenty going in and out all day after 12. Hell I even sent myself a reminder from my sbc account to my dreamhost account to check something when I got home… Nada… Signed in via webmail, same deal, my last message in my inbox was at like 11:50 something and everything between that time and when I got home at 5 or so is missing!! Where did it all go??

Do you check your E-mail through web mail or a application at work? Just wondering if there’s a chance that mail got downloaded at work and taken off the server.

Past that I would suggest contacting support to see if they can figure out what happene,d and possible restore from a backup or something. Don’t know for sure…

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Damn quick reply hehe.
Nah unless Thunderbird magically reconfigured itself from IMAP to POP they should all still be there. I did update it the other day to but yeah it worked fine up until about noon or so and everything after that up until I got home around 5/5:30 disappeared. My sbc account is POP but it keeps those on the server til I come home and get that mail on my mac, but all of my dreamhost accounts, which I use foremost are IMAP so I supposedly never run into this problem hehe…

Was hoping maybe someone else noticed it but guess I gotta send in a ticket!

I’ve just received an “ezmlm warning” from the Subversion mailing list saying:

[quote]Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I’m managing the
announce@subversion.tigris.org mailing list.

Messages to you from the announce mailing list seem to
have been bouncing. I’ve attached a copy of the first bounce
message I received.

If this message bounces too, I will send you a probe. If the probe bounces,
I will remove your address from the announce mailing list,
without further notice.


The Postfix program

m1234567@spunkymail-mx4.g.dreamhost.com (expanded from
sub001@MYDOMAIN.com): unknown user: “m1234567”
“m1234567” wasn’t the original name – I’ve changed that. And obviously, MYDOMAIN was actually, my domain name!

The fact that the mail arrived in the end presumably shows that they fixed it… but clearly some messages have been bounced, which isn’t too clever really. It was broken at some point and this error has not been reported on the DH status page.

Well this wasnt a bounce, although I have to go re-enable my dreamhost accounts I use for yahoo groups about once a month because they do that hehe.

Just got in to work, and theres my mail on this end from yesterday still here… Checked my settings, yep its still IMAP, but oddly, they never showed up at home when I opened Apple Mail and had it sync up…
Ill have to wait til I get home today but maybe there was something funny on my end and it will all be there at home when I get home…