Missing RoR info on Wiki?


Just noted missing RoR info on the Dreamhost wiki. Dreamhost say it was user generated and can’t help. If anyone knows how to fix this up/has the info I’d be very interested. Here’s the details below:

[quote]thanks - the article in the first point on your wiki is not there(?). seems
to be a broken link. Could you send the article through to me or correct
the link please?

Its the last “info” link that is broken on page
http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Rails#Performance_Notes. The broken link itself


Unfortunately, I don’t have that information. That wiki article was
completely created by our customers, so we don’t have any alternate links
for that broken one. Sorry about that. You might want to try searching
Google to see if you can find more info about it. Let us know if you have
any further questions.

The broken link in the Ruby on Rails wiki article (which is actually at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ruby_on_Rails) points to a DreamHost-hosted site that was a victim of the recent security breach. Unfortunately, the owner of the site has not restored the site since it was hacked, so the link is not working.

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