Missing Logs/etc in FTP

Hi, I am using Cyberduck for my ftp program.

the server in question is Dawber

If I log in via ftp I used to be able to see

• Maildir
• logs

and all of my folders for my sites (which, I can see using my other client’s webids…just not one in question which is on Dawber.)

Folders not displaying are Maildir and logs

can any one else on dawber see those two folders? I checked the status page and see that dawber has new hardware…so I am wondering if they are configuring them differently…and if so, where can I get my logs folder?


I’m not on Dawber, but if you’re poking around, go to .snapshot in your home directory and look around through the backups. You won’t see .snapshot show in your home directory listing. You’ll have to manually change into that directory (cd .snapshot). Hopefully Cyberduck will let you manually type in FTP commands somehow.


never mind…all of my site’s folders are empty, in addition, I just checked the actual websites and all are getting the horrid bad_httpd_conf error, which i did try the fix on the wiki, but it’s not working

just sent in a support request.