Missing information

My experience overall with DreamHost was dismal.
All I wanted to do was register a domain and transfer it to another server. I spent a whole month in frustration, trying to facilitate the transfer before before someone advised me that I couldn’t transfer it for 60 days. I kept getting short replies from various people, none of which was the least bit helpful, although I kept repeatedly following the same instructions, to no avail. I tried desperately to lodge a complaint but was unable to connect with their support services. I ended up cancelling my host service, thinking it was their fault, before someone had the courtesy to tell me about the 60 day limit and that there was another way I could handle the problem.
On the whole, there were two problems, one was not receiving the correct information at the outset, and the other was the difficulty navigating their site to get to support services. They should realize that not everyone starts a website every day, or indeed every year, and many are not familiar with all that is involved!
I hope never to have to deal with this company again.