Missing IMAP folders

Following todays down-time, my email account has been restored but all of my existing email and IMAP folders are missing. Missing. Not unsubscribed. I’m quite concerned.

I’ve emailed support several times - with still no reply - but I was wondering if anyone here could put my mind slightly at rest.

Does the IMAP mail come under the snapshot backup at DH? What I’m saying is, will they be able to restore all my previous emails and folders?

If someone could put my mind at rest, just a little, that would be great.

Yeah, I just double checked and hte maildir is included in the .snapshot backups. So it may be an hour or so old, but a restore should be completly possible.

Just an FYI - you can access the .snapshot folder from FTP, and see that all your E-mails are there. It’s a hidden direcotry through, so you have to manually tell your FTP client to enter the directory. It won’t show up in teh lists even if you have your client set to show hidden files. After that, just move into the backup you want to see, then Maildir. All of the directores (execpt cur and new) are hidden, so you’ll have to have your FTP client set to show hiddne files this time around to see the folders.

Should you ever need to you can copy out the files your self from here, for instace to resotre part of your sebsite that got messed up. It’s a very handy tool to know about.

art.googlies.net - personal website

Yes, they should be able to do a complete restore. I’m using Thunderbird, and although I love it, there are times when if you hit delete and the focus is on a folder in the left pane, it will delete the folder without a prompt. So all the sudden I find my critical email folder in the trash bin, panic ensues.

Support was able to totally restore my inbox. But don’t wait! When they restore, any emails in the interim may be lost. What they did for me was restore it to a subfolder, so I didn’t lose anything.

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