Missing ico and buttons


how it is possible that at www.casaverkopen.dreamhostings.com,
the buttons and the favicon.ico is visible and at www.casaverkopen.nl is not
is visible
it is same the webpage
it is possible that www.casaverkopen.nl to re-direct (frame?) is referred.
Do you now a solution for this problem

I used on-click joomla installation. 1.5.7 stable

look at
www.casaverkopen.nl click on appartementen
www.casadreamhosters.com clock om appartementen

(look als like a re-direct problem to a frame)
Thanks Eric

The pages appear identical to me.

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That’s what it looks like to me as well.
The favicon.ico file is linked in using the base URI added to the URI in the referencing “” tag in the page header; if it can’t be found, it won’t be displayed.

I would strongly consider moving the Joomla installation off of the dreamhosters.com demonstration site and onto your live domain to get rid of the frameset before trying to solve the problem. My experience is that Joomla will be constantly cranky about resolving URLs unless ya do.