Missing Folders

In DreamObjects I have buckets that are mounted on remote servers. I use them for backups, and have a Monthly backup folder, and a Daily backup folder.

I have several buckets, each mounted on a different remote server.

Today I logged in to my Dreamhost Panel, and in DreamObjects>View Objects I can see my Daily folder, but not my Monthly folder. This is the same on three different buckets…but not every bucket.

However, I can SFTP into those mounted folders on my remote servers and see all my files and such. Both the Daily and Monthly folders show up…I can add and remove files.

So, in summary: I am not seeing some of my folders in Buckets when I view from the DreamHost panel. But they still seem to exist. This seems to be a recent thing (in the last day or so) because I have been keeping a close eye on how backups are working using DreamObjects.

Anyone else have similar issues? Missing files or folders?

Are you sure the data in those folders is being uploaded to DreamObjects? (Is it possible, for instance, that they got unmounted, and you’ve been writing your data to the local filesystem?)

This is likely to happen when you have a lot of objects in a bucket. In the DreamObjects panel, we only load the first 5,000 objects so you’re not waiting around just to see something

If you’re not seeing all your folders, try clicking the link in the upper-right of the object view that says “LOAD MORE OBJECTS”. It’ll load 5,000 objects each time and your folders should show up once they’re retrieved in the list.

I wish we had a way to get a list of just the folders so you could see the full hierarchy, but the API doesn’t have that feature. Something for the future!

The same bucket has both folders. One folder I can see (from within the DreamHost Panel) and the other folder I cannot.

On the server, I can see and write to both folders. When I check size it tells me 281TB… so definately not a local folder…
I guess it is not important. I just wanted to make sure things were/are working properly. Backups are something I really like to have. It is probably the single most important thing I have learned the last few years: Backup. Do more backups…then back those up…