Missing Files and Folders in DreamObjects

On May 5th I started getting some error messages from a cronjob that backs up various websites to different buckets.

I waited a day because in the past, when glitches happen, they are usually resolved by the next day; however, this time I am missing several folders. The folders do not appear when I “View Objects” in the Dreamhost Panel. When I mount the buckets with s3fs, I see a file where there should be a folder.

I am greatly concerned if those folders are gone, as I have set up several websites and applications to backup to DreamObjects, both in my account and other people’s accounts.

I have also been boasting about how great DreamObjects work.

I have a ticket in, but no response yet.

Has anyone else noticed anything amiss with DreamObjects in the last few days?

Sorry to hear of the issues with DreamObjects. I replied to your ticket asking for more information. We are confident that there was no loss of data from DreamObjects, but there were some issues with slowness and access to the service earlier this week that could have caused uploads to not complete. I would be happy to check out your account if you can reply with details in the ticket response. Thanks!