Missing emails

I belong to a Google Groups email chat group, and for the last few days, no emails sent to this group from a Yahoo address are being redirected to me. I can view them on the Google Groups site, they are being sent to all other members of our chat group, it’s just me that isn’t receiving them. It applies to all three members of our group who have Yahoo email addresses. If they send emails directly to me, these get through to me OK.

Can anyone explain what is going on here?

Dreamhost just switched to a new anti-spam system, so it’s quite likely that your emails are your “Spam” folder. It’s also possible that some of them are in your “Social” or “Promotional” folders. You may need to subscribe to these folders in your IMAP client, or you can see them through http://atmail.dreamhost.com/

If you (like myself) are finding this new anti-spam system to be annoying), please add your voice to those who are complaining. I know that I’d like some configuration options and ability to make the filter less aggressive.

It looks like apparently my e-mail started mostly bouncing to the outside world around Sept 26th. Tech support ran some re-configure script to get it working again. It seems to me like there should have been some monitoring in place to prevent such a thing from going that long, but I guess that is too high of an expectation.

I, too, would like to disable the spam filtering as I just rely on gmail’s spam filtering to do the right thing.

You can disable the filter in the panel, but this disables it for an entire domain. It would be nice to have per-user controls over this (which we did have before).

My emails started disappearing recently too. Emails were being filtered to the “Social” or “Promotion” folder instead of going to my inbox. I checked my account settings in my panel and found that this filtering was turned off on the domain level and at the individual email address level. Despite this, emails are still filtered to these folders.

I contacted support via Chat. The Dreamhost rep told me that, yes, the new spam filtering system was causing these emails to be sorted to these folders even though I had the setting turned off. They tried to convince me that not respecting how I or my users wished to manage or sort my emails was actually a benefit to me.

I can potentially understand the need to filter what are perceived to be Spam emails. However, I do not think Dreamhost should be deciding to sort other emails. If you have an option for this in the panel, they should respect the choice and allow users to turn off this “feature”.

I have been with Dreamhost for over 12 years. Unfortunately, I think it’s time to find a new host.

I just now found out that emails have been bouncing as ‘no user found’ for over THREE WEEKS
I can login fine, and polling with a mail app on my phones dos not cause a problem, OUTBOUND email is fine, but nothing can be received.
This is causing me an incredible amount of stress as I have been using that address to apply for jobs.
What the fuck is going on?!

it happens sometimes. probably because of a bad update gmail.