Missing Domain, Website Down, Email Domain Gone



I recently noticed that my website is no longer working. When I log in to dreamhost, I am shown my domains but on the next page it says I have no domains under my account. My payment is up to date. I have tried using restore for both website and website.dreamhost but no luck. The website was working in October. I can no longer receive any email from customers and they cannot send email to me.

I have submitted a ticket to Dreamhost (last night) and am waiting for a response. It would be wonderful though if someone on here has any suggestions on how to fix the problem.


To restore your website:

Navigate to the (Panel > ‘Domains’ > ‘Manage Domains’) page in the panel, which shows each domain listed.

Click the Restore button in the far right. The Restore page appears: Choose from the following sections:

Available Backup Dates: There are three time-frame options available for your domain’s backups: 1 hour to 1 day 1 day to 2 weeks 2 weeks or possibly more Restore Options: The two options allow you to either restore the selected backups to your current live site or restore the selected backups as a separate folder.

Copy the backup files to: /home/username/example.com_TIMESTAMP The first option keeps the current site live. Your backup files are retrieved and stored in a new directory. This directory is named after your site, followed by a timestamp. Use this option if you want to view your backed up files before changing your site to the old version.

Make the backup copy live and back up all the current live files to /home/username/example.com_TIMESTAMP The second option takes the existing backup and immediately makes it your live website. The files currently on the site are then moved to a directory named after your site, followed by a timestamp.

Use this option if you want your site to immediately revert to the old version. Click the blue Restore example.com now! button to complete this process. (Replace the domain name listed in the button with your own domain name being restored vidmate.)

Once you click the Restore button, you are redirected back to the ‘Manage Domains’ page where you see a green message at the top of the page stating that the restore is processing and will complete based on how large the backups are. You are notified via email once that completes.