Missing Data

ok, so I feel like I’m in that episode of star trek where they try to drive kirk crazy by changing things he knows to be true.

I’ve loaded data into a mysql database 3 different times, the data register… I can browse it in PHP My Admin and my php script works correctly retrieving information. The next day I come back and only 1 record exists in the table where 200+ existed when last I left it. It’s happened like 3 or 4 times on DIFFERENT database in different situations and on different projects.

Is this an issue with DH’s backup system restoring over top of updated data? Am I crazy? There aren’t any voices in my head telling to me to kill the governor or eat my own underwear or anything… And i haven’t skipped any medication… can anyone enlighten me or share similar experiences?

I once saw the Republican get elected, when clearly everyone voted for the Democrat. Does that count?

Maybe it was because the Democrat claimed to have created one Internet, but the Republican created lots of internets!

Simon Jessey
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